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13 Very productive things to do when you’re bored

Being bored is something natural and happens to all of us. In this post I’m going to share with you 13 things that you can do and be very productive at the same time.

I have seen many lists of “things to do when your bored” but 80% of them have activities that are a waste of time in my opinion. If you are bored once a month for 10 minutes it’s ok to be entertained by such activities as “scratch your foot, try not to think about penguins and send text backwards to a friend”. But if you find yourself bored more often those type of activities are just useless.

I’ve also found a few lists that actually have productive activities in them (the other 20% of lists) but again they relay on the quantity of the list not the quality, don’t get me wrong the lists are ok, but I think that they could minimise the number of activities and focus on the quality instead. So all the things recommended here are by my own experience and what I have found out to work for me when I’m bored, everybody is different so some of the recommendations may not suit you well. Pick and choose is the name of the game. 🙂

Let’s get started, keep in mind that I use the number system just so it’s easier to keep track, for me all the activities are equal.

13 Very productive things to do when you’re bored:

#1 Start a journal – Starting an everyday journal and keep writing in it every morning or evening is a great way to analyse your day, express what’s bothering you on paper and keep a track of event’s in your life. I highly recommend starting and keeping a journal on a daily basis even if you’re not bored, it’s a great activity to practice and it makes you seem mature and well grounded in the eyes of others (especially if your younger).

#2 Create a bucket list – Another great activity that everyone needs to try, bucket list is all the things that you want to do and accomplish during your life (a.k.a before you kick the bucket). Keeping a bucket list is very important and interesting because it gives your life even more meaning and orientation where you want to go. Some people complain that they feel “lost” in life and that they have no purpose, that may be true because they don’t have a target in front of them to aim. So change all that by creating a bucket list.

bored - to do list

#3 Create a daily to-do list –  This activity will make your life easier and more organised, creating such a list is a helpful way to get your day-to-day activities in order. Keep it near by and refer to it every time you finish a task and you need to start a new one. By creating a list like this you won’t have to trouble yourself with constantly remembering what you need to do today.

#4 Make a present to someone – how cool is that right? You’re bored, ok no problem set aside a small budget ($10) choose a loved one and think about all the things that they like, decide on a present that will make them happy, start searching for it in stores, thrift shops or you can order it from eBay and Amazon. Buy a bit of wrapping paper and wrap the present nicely (if you don’t know how, watch a how to video on YouTube). Call them up or visit them in their home and give them the present. They will be happy and surprised. 🙂 If your on a low-budget, then create something yourself.

bored - make a present

#5 Spend time with your family – This is an easy one, if you live in the same city with your family go for a visit, if you cannot travel call them up or do a Skype call. If you have younger siblings and relatives spend some time with them, tell them stories and jokes they will really appreciate it. And you parents will be happy that you call them up and spend time with them. A win – win situation.

#6 Reading – for pleasure or learning something. If you don’t want to spend money on books, you can always join a library or download some eBooks of the internet. Overall a great activity that will demolish your boredom and will improve your knowledge and skills.

bored - read a book

#7 Watch a documentary – educate yourself throughout documentaries is a great way to improve yourself, you will be entertained and educated at the same time. Also watch all types of information videos, seminars and workshops on YouTube, a great way to defeat boredom and learn something in the meantime.

#8 Watch a comedy, stand-up or a sitcom – if you don’t want to read or you’re feeling bored/lazy (which is the worst kind) then why not have a few laughs and improve your mood with a nice comedy or a stand-up? I post quite often about movies and comedy related topics so make sure to subscribe to this blog.

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#9 Make a collage/montage – choose a favourite topic and create a collage by hand (finding pictures from newspapers, magazines or printing them out) or online. There are many websites that allow you to make collages with different pictures and add effects ( , this is a great activity that will keep you busy and develop your creativity. You can then share your creation with the world, via social media or Or create something else that is art related.

bored - pictures

#10 Home Workout – Even if you’re not in to fitness, working out at home is a great way to stay fit. If you cannot and don’t want to do some heavy intense workout (with weights) you can always do some stretching sessions, yoga or running in the park.

#11 Do some domestic work – around the house or office, make sure everything is clean and sharp. If you get bored why not tidy up your wardrobe, rearrange the home furniture, do some cooking  and clean up your work desk.

#12 Meditate, chill and relax – if you’re not in the mood for anything that requires work, why not just “let go” and enjoy the moment. Relax and meditate, it may not seem productive but it may be the most productive thing in the list.

bored - meditate

#13 Start a website or a blog – this is what I did, I was bored one day and I had a bit of time on my hands so I decided to start writing. There are many platforms that you can use to create your website and many tutorials on YouTube that you can watch and see how to get started.

So there you have it 13 things to do when your bored. So the next time you have nothing to do use some of the tips given in this post and make your day more fun and productive.

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Thank you for reading and make sure you fallow my blog for the latest posts.

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