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4 Lessons Life Taught Me

Life is a constant educational journey, you evolve and expand your mindset year after year. As I’m turning 29 in September I decided to analyse and reflect on the lessons life taught me so far and the experiences I’ve had. I will share them with you and hopefully they will be beneficial to you and you can get some ideas and inspiration.

Below I have listed the 4 main things I have learned (the hard way) it took me roughly 6 year living on my own in the UK to come to these conclusions, it’s funny sometimes how something so obvious can take you half a decade to realise, and now when I look back I think to myself, “how was I so blinded, and never realised those things”.

Here are the four lessons:

1. Patience, patience, patience

I was blessed with patience, but what most people don’t realise is that it takes tame, it takes time to become good at something, to build relationships to expand your mind. Overnight success doesn’t exist. You need to give yourself time to grow. Unfortunately in the modern digital era everything is instant, you have an app for everything now (food, entertainment and even relationships) so people are conditioned to think that everything needs to happen right here, right now. Well the real world doesn’t work that way.

Doesn’t matter what your ambitions and goals are, you need to give them time to grow and develop. Know that whatever you start out to do you will need 5-10 years before you become good at it, maybe 3 years if you are a phenom otherwise you will have to wait a bit longer before things start to kick in.

2. Spend money on experiences not possessions

I really like material things, I’m a collector and a nerd at heard so I really enjoy books, collecting, vintage and antiques, pop culture and all sort of art and memorabilia. So for me it was very hard to give up my buying habits and focus on experiences instead. But giving up all the constant material possessions and focusing all that money towards creating new experiences and memories for myself made a huge impact on my mental and emotional health. Buying something new will give you that dopamine (pleasure hormone) just at the beginning and it will probably last for 1-2 days maybe more if it’s something big. But over all the boost is gone relatively quick, but if you spend that time and money towards experiences and memories, that boost from a lovely memory can last a lifetime.

Lessons Life Taught Me - life of the party

3.  Focus on Health, Happiness and Love

I know that this sounds very hippy like, and don’t get me wrong if you ever meet me you will quickly find out that I’m the opposite of a hippy, even though that I’m not a big fan of the passive nature and mentality of the hippy culture and movement, they do get some things right. And that’s focusing on health, happiness and love. I found that the hard way. for the first 5 years in the UK living by myself I mostly focused on business and work. When I came here I had huge ambitions and a crazy workaholic attitude, it was good and needed for the first 2 years, so I can get ahead, but after that it became too much and I started to feel unhappy and that workaholic mentality cost me a lot of relationships, friendships and happiness. I’ve started to realise the last couple of months that focusing on your health, happiness, family and love is more important than material goods, status or fame. Do what you love if you are happy being famous and having a big house, good do that. If you’re not happy doing that focus on something else. I founds out that I preferred to be healthy and happy and then do what I’m going to do and if something made me unhappy I stopped doing it.

Lessons Life Taught Me - family is everything

While we are on the subject of happiness, this may interest you – The 5 Ingredients for Happiness

4. You can’t control everything

To be honest I’m a bit of a control freak (especially in my early 20’s). And whenever something didn’t go according to plan, I usually got annoyed. And now a couple of years later I’ve started to realise that the only thing that you can control is yourself and the way you behave. Once you except this fact and start working on your own behaviour and attitude then you will see a real change in your lifestyle.

Just let go and enjoy life, you can’t control it anyways, so why worry about it!

Lessons Life Taught Me - you can't control everything

So here you have it folks, the 4 main things I’ve learned from life so far. I hope you enjoyed this post, what ware the lessons you’ve learned from life so far? Let me know in the comments down below.


Thank you for reading and make sure you fallow and bookmark my blog for the latest posts.

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