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4 Motivational Posters That Will Inspire You (Part 1)

I’m a huge fan of motivational posters, quotes and inspirational books, for quite some time I have been creating some mini posters with some of my own quotes. I usually post them on my Instagram¬†( But I decided to share them with you here as well.

I have made the posters so you have my permission to use them (in a non-commercial way). Post them on your social media, website or print them out if you want (as long as you keep my name in them).

This will be a 3 part series, so there will be a bit more posters in the future.

Here are the first four motivational quote posters.

  1. “Don’t Hope for Better Times, Work Towards Them” – Mike Yanek

"Don't hope for better times, work toward them" - Mike Yanek / Motivational posters


2. “In Life, Listening Will Get You Further Than Talking.” – Mike Yanek

"In like, listening will get you further than talking." - Mike Yanek / Motivational Posters


3. “Positive Attitude and a Smile Will Get You Far in Life.” – Mike Yanek

"Positive attitude and a smile will get you far in life." - Mike Yanek / Motivational Posters


4. “An Easy Life is Boring.” – Mike Yanek

"An easy life is boring." - Mike Yanek / Motivational Posters

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