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7 Ways to Keep Your Breath Minty Fresh All The Time

I’m a pretty tolerant person, I can stand stupidity, rudeness or bad sense of humour in a person, but the thing that I can’t compromise is hygiene and bad breath. If a person is smelly and has “dragon” breath I will probably leave the room if I have the opportunity. When I was in my teen years I used to have bad breath from time to time, a really embarrassing moment for everyone. Since I didn’t know how to fix it, and the damn dentist didn’t help a lot in that department I needed to carry gym with me all the time but since I don’t like to chew gym I needed to find ways to fight with my bad breath and eliminate it once and for all. In this post I’m going to share with you the 7 ways to keep your breath fresh.

You can be the cleanest person on the planet and brush your teeth 5 times a day and still have bad breath after 30 minutes. If you don’t know what causes bad breath and more importantly how to stop it, you will always have the same problem. I’ve done some research on Google to see what other people are saying about the problem and how to stop it, even though the information is useful and helpful is not enough and it’s always the same old things. The following tips have worked for me over the years, everybody is different so if you have a more serious condition you should consult with your doctor.

for fresh breath - lime water 2

What causes bad breath?

#1 Dry mouth – one of the main factors of bad breath is a dry tongue.

#2 Unhealthy Mouth – if your teeth and gums are giving you problems go to the dentist and fix them, they play a big part in the bad breath situation that you may experience.

#3 Bad diet – eating stinky foods like onions, fish, garlic and cheese will stink your breath up really good.

#4 Bad habits – Smoking and drinking coffee are not helpful at all when it comes to freshness.

These will stink you're breath up


How to cure bad breath?

Ok this is the main reason we are here, the 7 ways to fix that grim ripper in your mouth.

#1 Drink water with sliced lemons and lime in it – if you’re working in an office, from home or you have a day off you can fill up a big jug with water, then put ice and slice half of a lemon and half of a lime and put it inside. You can add some mint leaves if you have. This mix will keep you hydrated and the bitterness of the lime and lemon kill up all the bacteria inside your mouth. And it’s really tasty if you like lemons and lime.

for fresh breath - lime water

#2 Eat green apples and bananas – try to put these 2 foods more often in your diet and menu. I don’t know what’s the reason (well I’m too lazy to research it) but these fruits work so well when it comes to killing bad breath.

#3 Eat Bulgarian/Greek style yoghurt – ok this is my secret weapon and very few people know this but Bulgarian/Greek style yoghurt has a unique bacteria that exists only in this product (I think) and it kills all the nastiness in your mouth. But you need to know that by eating yoghurt you won’t get good breath, you will neutralise the bad one, and after that you can use gum or mouthwash to get that minty breath and keep it. If you don’t remember nothing from this post at least remember this point. I’ve never seen it before as advice and I’m surprised that very few people know this information, so use it wisely. With great information comes great responsibility. 😀

for fresh breath - yogurt

#4 Drink green tea – use the stronger kind of green tea and don’t add sugar or honey.

#5 Use mouthwash – 2 times a day is recommended, after you wake up and before you go to bed (accompanied with brushing your teeth of course) use mouthwash that has alcohol in it. If your mouth is very sensitive or you cannot use this type of product with alcohol then purchase some other type that is suitable for sensitive mouth.

#6 Brush your tongue – 80% (more – less) of the bacteria that causes bad breath is hiding in the tongue, so don’t forget to brush that part of the mouth every time you brush your teeth.

#7 Keep you’re teeth and gums healthy – very important to remember that if you have bad gums or problem with your teeth your mouth will be filled with bacteria and your breath will be kicking like Bruce Lee. (WATAA!) 😀

If you have a more complicated situation and you’re bad breath is a cause of a disease please refer back to your dentist and doctor.

So there you have it folks, I hope these tips will help. I know that probably I have missed some other awesome ways to get rid of the skunk in the mouth, so leave a comment if you know some other ways to be minty fresh all day.

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