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8 Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Why do we as men slack off in the fashion and appearance department. Most women dress well and are always presentable especially in public appearances and events. But why when it comes to dressing well and appearing our best we (men) are always few steps behind. Most of the time we dress as children or with absolutely no taste at all. The horrible “fashion crimes” we see day-to-day is unbelievable. 😀 So In this post I’ve listed the 8 fashion mistakes that I’ve noticed we make. Have a read and see if you can spot a mistake that you have done.

The easiest way to make a good first impression is if you’re dressed and presented well. Unfortunately as our world is becoming more and more casual (I won’t be surprised if in 20 years the president of a country does he’s press conference’s in he’s sweatpants and t-shirt) the level off “dressing up” has fallen down drastically especially in men. Some of the mistakes that I have listed ware committed by me in my early teen years when I didn’t know any better, but when I got older I realised that some of the dressing habits needed to be changes for good. There is no shame in dressing bad, the shame comes when you don’t what to do nothing about it.

Enough with complaining about the lack of style, let’s get to the list of fashion mistakes that men make.

#1 Wearing sandals – this is a product that is very mysterious to me, I don’t understand the purpose of it. It’s not a flip-flop and it’s not a shoe, maybe it’s the love child of both? It’s made out of leather or some other material and it looks chunky and awful. Oh yeah combine it with socks (I’ve seen live example few weeks ago in the library) and it’s game over. Please spare our eye’s and never wear sandals especially with socks.

#2 Wearing crocs – I was 14 years old when I saw crocs for the first time, at that time I was at the sea-side for a vacation and I was surprised that they ware selling like crazy everywhere. I’ve noticed that both men and women ware buying them, so that was quite interesting how something so horribly ugly can sell this good and be appealing to men and women at the same time. If you think of wearing or buying crocs just don’t. They look awful, have holes in the front (which is super weird-looking) and are made out of some strange plastic-rubber material.

#3 Having a “men purse” – I’m not sure if the trend of the “men purse”  has passed, but the first time I saw it I didn’t like it, if you need a gym bag that ok, if you need a briefcase that’s ok, if you need a laptop bag that’s ok. But why the hell would you need a men purse. I know that a lot of magazines and the media make it look cool to have a men purse, but I don’t understand why you need something that big to carry around? As men what do we carry around that we need a whole bag to drag along. A wallet, phone, mints and a comb that’s what I carry. If you have a lot of stuff to carry around get a laptop bag, at least you won’t look weird caring a purse.

#4 Wearing too much jewellery and accessories – don’t go all Johnny Depp (brilliant actor but wares way too much accessories and jewellery) on society, take it easy on the ornaments. The rule is simple you’re allowed one ring in your married and one more piece (jewellery or accessories) if it’s a family tradition or for religious purposes and that’s enough. Don’t make yourself looking like a god-damn Christmas tree. 😀

#5 Wearing your cap backwards – I used to love to ware my cap backwards when I was 12 and them when I was a teen, but wearing a cap backwards make’s you look childish.

#6 Wearing sports jerseys in public – there are only 2 appropriate circumstances that are suitable for you to wear a sports jersey in public. If you’re going to a sporting event or if you’re actually playing in it. Otherwise don’t ware something like that, especially if you don’t work out which will make it even worse.

#7 Wearing gym clothes outside the gym – “there is only one appropriate place for gym clothes”. You figure out the rest. 😉

#8 Sagging your pants and wearing clothing that is too big – when I was in to hip-hop in my teen years I used to sag my pants and wear bigger clothing, I was looking like a fool and it took me many years to realise it. I will spare you the embarrassment and tell you that it’s not worth it. No body will take you seriously and society looks down on people who present themselves this way. Finding a job won’t be easy and you won’t look “hard” you will look whack. 😉

So there you have it 8 fashion mistakes that men make. I have been a victim of most of those mistakes so I’m talking from experience here. If you have some more suggestions and fashion tips you can leave a comment below and share you’re advice with us.

Thank you for reading this blog, make sure to fallow it for the latest posts.

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