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8 Tips for achieving self-discipline

I have been in a battle with myself for all my life now, achieving discipline and controlling my behaviour, thoughts and actions has been one of the hardest things I have done in my life. Discipline is an ongoing process not an end result. In this post I have put some of the tips and tricks that I use to obtain self-discipline. Have a look and see if you will find these tips useful in your day-to-day activities.

I think that the more we develop our social environment, technology and entertainment the harder is to be self-discipline. For instance if I start to write this post but went to YouTube for a bit just to get entertained with some music video I can get distracted and stay there for days (there is enough content to keep me there) and never get this post done. Distractions are all around us and mastering self-discipline is really hard.


Things you need to know about discipline:

First – discipline is one of the hardest things to master. There are people in this world that cannot obtain discipline their whole life even if they really try to.

Second – after you created your discipline it’s really important to sustain it, over the years. Not to have it for a month, lose it for 2-3 months, after that gain it for a month again. It should be very consistent over a very long period of time.

Once you create it never lose it!

Third – once you have the discipline and you are putting it in use, there will be some people who might laugh at you or even stop hanging out with you. Because for them it’s strange how you are studying while they are partying, you are working out while they are at the mall or how you are reading books and doing research while they are at the cinema. It’s going to be strange for them and probably they will laugh at you and even abandon you after some time. But you don’t have to care – you need to know that this is some of the price you need to pay.

Note – If they are your real friends they will support you and may even get involved in some of the activities you’re doing.

How to develop self – discipline?

 #1 Discipline is a skill that you need to practice every day – just like playing the guitar, bowling a good game and shooting a ball thru a hoop. I think that there is a misconception that self-discipline is a talent or you have to be born with it. But I think that it’s just another skill and with enough practise you can become good at it. Try to develop small habits that you can practice every day. Little chores around the house will be helpful for beginners.

 #2 “Do it now” attitude – if there is something that needs to be done, do it now don’t leave it for later or tomorrow. If you have problems remembering this attitude and phrase at the beginning put sticky notes around the house, put a wallpaper on you computer and write a note that says “Do It Now!” and put it in your pocket.

 #3 Prioritise – decide which is more important the task you need to do or the distraction that want’s your attention. Create a “to do list” and put the most important tasks on the top and start working on them first. Funnily enough prioritising is a skill as well that needs practise in order to be mastered

discipline - choices

 #4 Do something once and you will see how it’s becoming easier after some time. I have trouble starting the work for the day, but once I start I get in to the “zone” and everything starts to flow and get’s easy. So just make sure you start and the process will get easy, and if you haven’t done a task before don’t worry like I said once you do something it will become easier with the next try.

 #5 Have a goal and know the end result – if you don’t know why you’re doing something you may get discouraged very quickly, that’s why knowing the goal at the end result is vital, also make sure to use that information as a motivation and a “fuel” for your disciplined behaviour.

 #6 Turn off the distractions – or in short “lock in”. Finish a task or a project and then reward yourself with some social media, that cake you have in the fridge or a walk in the park.

 #7 Be your own coach – I do this all the time, I talk and encourage myself every time I’m afraid to do something or I need to focus for a certain project. Self – talk yourself in to discipline.

discipline - coach

 #8 Talks about you’re discipline – I think that this is very helpful and motivational practice. To share with other people you’re goals and discipline techniques. I will give you this example,, in my Pinterest profile I have a board called “Books I’ve Read” in there I have the book covers of all the books that I have read. It’s good for people seeing this because they can get inspired and do the same and they can get some new book titles that they can read. And for me it’s a great motivation to keep on reading more and fill up the page with more pictures of books. Find you’re way to motivate yourself and developing your discipline at the same time.

So there you have it some tips & trick on how to develop your discipline. Just to let you know that some of the tips and information are takes from my book “Just Do It – Damn It” , thank you for reading this post and make sure to leave a comment if you have some other tips on this subject. Make sure to fallow my blog for the latest posts.

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