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The Life Changing Effect of a “Bucket List”

In today’s society unfortunately a lot of people have no idea or plans for the future, they just don’t have the structure for it, they all have hobby’s, interests and passions. But there is no structured formula to guide them. Today I will be sharing and exploring the idea of a “Bucket List” and I will be sharing my bucket list with you. I think that a “Bucket List” will give you a whole new meaning of life. It helped me out tremendously.

Now for the few people who don’t know what is a “Bucket List”, here is the definition:

“Bucket List” – all the things that you want to do, experience and achieve before you kick the bucket (die).

I was around 19 when I first got really in to self-help and officially in to entrepreneurship and business (I was interested in business since I was a kid, but never started an actual business, just some home-made stuff and neighbourhood schemes to make money.) At that time I had an idea what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to achieve, but never constructed in a written form. I started researching the subject and I got fascinated with writing down my goals and objectives in life.

I sat down and wrote a lot of things that I wanted, I was 19 so when I looked back at the original list when I was 26 I started to laugh. But back then having all my ducks in a row, and knowing what exactly I want from life and what to strive for, gave me supreme self-confidence. A new door had open in my mind!

After a couple of weeks my life had changed forever, now I knew what I was chasing, I’m wired in a way that if I don’t have a goal and objective to strive for I’m not functioning properly.

I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for that list my life who’d have been very different right now, I’m a very structured person by nature and I always know what I want and have a plan and system for almost everything. But if I don’t have it in a written form and to refer to it from time to time, I’m lost!

I kept my original bucket list as of early 2017, but the original pad was getting up there in age and it was a bit of a mess since I have crossed out some of the things and added a lot of new stuff. So I got a new pad and made it nice and tidy.

bucket list

OK enough about my story, let’s get practical so you can have some beneficial information that you can use.

Go buy a new note pad A5 or A6 format, take some time during the weekend or whenever you have the opportunity. Get in the mood, what ever opens your mind, so you can think and visualise all the things that you want in life.

Once you are in the mood and you have some alone time to think, start by writing at the top of the first page

“My Bucket List”

(All the Things I Want to Do, See, Achieve and Experience before I Kick The Bucket!)

If you have a few things that you are ready to write go ahead and neatly write them, if you have problems starting up, take a blank piece of paper and start brainstorming “Bucket List” goals.

Help with brainstorming “Bucket List” goals:

Write down a few different category’s and aspects of your life, and brainstorm what are the things you want to have, do, see and experience in those category’s.

Personal Health (Example)

  • I want to become a certain weight? (lose/gain X kg/lbs)
  • I want to achieve a certain physical accomplishment – run a marathon, do X number of pull-ups, swim X km, earn a black belt in X,

If you want to improve your health this may help out: 6 Foods That Will Make You Healthy and Happy

Family and relationships:

  • Provide the financial future for my kids.
  • Married the partner of my dreams.
  • Be a good Father/Mother to my kids.

Money and Business:

  • My personal net worth to be worth $X.
  • Be in a financial position where I can give $X to a charity that I support.
  • My product/business to help X amount of people around the world.

Travel and Leisure:

  • I want to visit X (Country)
  • I want to try X (Country) Cuisine
  • I want to visit X Event

These are a few examples that you can use, separate the brainstorming in to categories and fill them out, one at a time, this way it will be much easier for you to get started and to get a bit more clearance in what you want out of life.

Here is one more trick that you can use to help out with the brainstorming process.

Develop the session in to mini bucket lists, you can separate the official bucket list in to mini section if you like.

Birthday Bucket list:

Separated by age, what you want to do/accomplish by a certain age.

Milestone Bucket List:

A list that is categorised by different portion of your life (college list, parent  list, active professional career list, senior list and any other part of your life that you want to make a list for.)

After you finish brainstorming don’t rush to transfer everything down to the official pad. Take some time, leave the draft for a few days, let it sink in, in the meantime I’m sure new things will come up in your mind and new ideas and goals will show up, once the creative juices start flowing.

After you are ready to write everything you have come up with in the official pad, make sure it’s nice and tidy, this will be the pad that you will keep nice and tidy in a safe place for the rest of your life.

bucket list smile

My advice to you is, once completed just leave it in a safe place and forget about it. If you have new ideas come and add them, look at the list once every 2-3 months. This is the approach I have for the last 6-7 years, I don’t dwell on the list, I only have a general list, no dates or deadlines. I just live my life and once every 3 months when I have a read if I have accomplished something that is on the list I put a check mark, smile and say “oh look at that, that’s nice”. I don’t want this list to control my life or to make me do something that maybe I’m not in the mood for, just so I can take a picture and put a check mark on it.

Go live your life, and if you achieve something that is on the list, great! If not that’s ok, you will get there one day.

The whole idea of the list is to give you self-confidence and re-assurance that you know what you want out of life. Not to keep you in a state of urgency or paranoia that you won’t be able to make the deadline for the next goal. Please don’t forget that, I want this list to help you and to benefit you as much as possible.

The only thing I will add is my personal bucket list (up to mid 2017) – the priority of a goal doesn’t match the number.

Mike Yanek Bucket List:

  1. Own an Iguana – DONE
  2. Own a Chameleon
  3. Play in an official Basketball Game – DONE
  4. To see something created by me on a billboard
  5. Own a clothing company
  6. Go to a NBA game in the US
  7. Visit and do business in US
  8. Visit Canada
  9. Visit England – DONE
  10. Visit Italy
  11. Visit Spain
  12. Cut the ribbon of a building or a business that is created by me
  13. Read 5 Books – DONE
  14. Read 25 Books – DONE
  15. Read 50 Books
  16. To Plant at least 1 Tree
  17. To Give an Interview on TV
  18. To be Featured in a Newspaper
  19. To Have a Pinky Ring – DONE
  20. See Bill Burr Stand-Up Comedy Live
  21. See Louis C.K Stand-Up Comedy Live
  22. Go to a Stand-Up Comedy Show
  23. Go to a NHL (Hockey) Game
  24. Play in a Street Ball Tournament – DONE
  25. Buy a nice Car for my Dad
  26. To Create a Documentary Movie
  27. Secure the Financial Future of My Family
  28. To Have a Net Worth of $1 Million
  29. To Have a Net Worth of $5 Million
  30. To Have a Net Worth of $10 Million
  31. To Be Featured in a Business Magazine
  32. Be on the Cover of GQ Magazine
  33. Be on the Cover of Forbes Magazine
  34. Be on the Cover of Entrepreneur Magazine
  35. Be on the Cover of Time Magazine
  36. Give a lecture/speech in Oxford
  37. Give a lecture/speech in Harvard
  38. Give a lecture/speech to 50 people
  39. Give a lecture/speech to 500 people
  40. Give a lecture/speech to 1,000 people
  41. Give a lecture/speech to 10,000 people
  42. Help someone to cross the street – DONE
  43. Give a big financial donation in someone in need
  44. Travel by plane – DONE
  45. Travel 1st class in a Plane
  46. Travel in a Private Jet
  47. Go to a Circus
  48. To order everything from 1 menu page from a restaurant and try to eat it all
  49. Visit Madison Square Garden
  50. Speak / Be part of an event at Madison Square Garden
  51. Visit Foot Locker – DONE
  52. Do 50 Pull-Ups
  53. Help out my family financially and provide them with opportunities
  54. Create the “Mike Yanek Foundation”
  55. Be a Guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast
  56. Be a Guest on the Rubin Report
  57. Write a Book – DONE
  58. Write 2 Books
  59. Write 3 Books
  60. Write 4 Books
  61. Write 5 Books
  62. Give an Autograph to a Fan
  63. Sign a Book (written by me) to a Fan
  64. To See a Stranger Wearing or Having Something Created by Me – DONE
  65. Create a PC Game
  66. Make a Positive Difference in The World
  67. Visit Thailand
  68. Visit China
  69. Visit Cambodia
  70. Visit Japan
  71. Become Best Selling Author
  72. Win a Business/Entrepreneurial Award
  73. Take a Picture in front of the Bruce Lee Statue in Hong Kong
  74. To Meed and Talk with Richard Branson
  75. To Meed and Talk with Mark Cuban
  76. To Meed and Talk with Gary Vee
  77. To Stay in a 5 Star Hotel
  78. A Book of Mine to be Published

This is my list for now, I really hope this article is beneficial to you in the pursuit of life purpose and goals, let me know in the comments what you think and if I have missed something.

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