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What Can We Learn from Ari Gold (Entourage)

I’ve known that “Entourage” existed since it came out in 2004 but I’ve never actually seen it. I have been catching a few minutes here and there by accident on HBO as a kid, but that’s it nothing more. Around a year ago I’ve decided to watch the first season  and if I like it then the entire show. After 3 episodes I was hooked. Even though our Mr.Gold doesn’t appear that much in Season 1, I liked the show anyway and I wasn’t aware of he’s existence.

The show is about this film actor (Vince) oh wait here is what Wikipedia has to say:

Entourage is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on HBO on July 18, 2004 and concluded on September 11, 2011, after eight seasons. The series was created and largely written by Doug Ellin and chronicles the acting career of Vincent Chase, a young A-list movie star, and his childhood friends from Queens, New York City, as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Los Angeles, California.

Ok now you know what the show is about. Let’s meet my favourite character on the show (right next to Johnny Drama).

Here is a bit of Biography of Ari from IMDB:

Ari Gold is a fictional character from HBO’s Entourage series. He is one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood and represents Vincent Chase, Mary J. Blige, Larry David, M. Night Shyamalan and many others. He works incredibly hard, waking around 5:30 am and reading scripts late into the night. He is stressed at all times and speaks very quickly as time is money. He went to Harvard for undergrad and then received a JD/MBA from the University of Michigan. Money is, for the most part, the be all end all of Ari Gold’s life. Occasionally however we see a hint of the better side of Ari Gold.

OK so now you have some idea who Ari Gold is and what the show is about, if you haven’t watched it make sure you do, it’s worth it. At the end of the post I will put a video compilation of Ari’s Best moments.

OK let’s talk about the main reason we are all here, the good the bad and the ugly sides. The thing about Gold is that he is mean,crazy and grumpy to everyone and somehow he’s succeeding in life (well he has he’s up’s and down’s but that’s part of life). There are many side’s to this complicated character and I think that we can learn a lot from him. He is a hard-working professional and we also have an access to he’s personal life on the show. So if you are wondering how to balance work and family he is the man to show you what NOT to do. 😀

The Good Sides of Ari Gold:

Ambition and determination – one of the first things that caught my eye in this character was he’s ambition and determination for success. He is so “hungry” to make it, and he was actually putting the crazy amount of work that is needed. Nowadays everyone says that they want success but only 2-3% of those people who say it actually do the work to get there. Well done Ari for the hard work and the ambition.

Speaks he’s mind and doesn’t take shit from no one  – really entertaining to watch from the sides and a rare quality in a politically correct world. Now don’t forget that this is fiction and I’m not sure if he will get away with this type of behaviour in real life, but never the less we can still learn that speaking our mind (in moderation) is good and not taking shit from people is a must.

Dapper with confidence – he can ware a suit, every man can purchase a suit not every man can wear one 😉 if you get my point you will notice that besides always looking very sharp and stylish he has the confidence and the “shoulders” to ware a demanding peace of clothing like a suit. If we can take something from this is that good clothing and confidence (not cockiness) need to go together.

Athletic – He looks like he can kick some ass (and he probably does) as long as I can remember he was doing push-up in he’s office and jogging in the morning in some episodes. In a demanding profession (like he’s) being fit and on top of your health is very important, well it’s important in every profession I guess.

So what have we learn (from the good sides) so far – This unique character with he’s crazy blend of good and bad is someone who we can learn a lot from. Be ambitious, dapper, athletic and speak your mind. Don’t go overboard (like Ari does) even though there are all good qualities in a person if they are taken to an extreme level they become bad (except dapper you can never look way to dapper :D). Seek the balance and avoid extremes.


The Bad Sides of Ari Gold:

Unstable with anger management problems – He seemed very unstable to me, with a lot of emotional and mental issues, very angry not only at individuals but at the world even. He seemed a bit bipolar constantly on an emotional roller-coaster up and down. I used to know people who ware exactly like this, they exhaust you just with their presence. People like that (for me at least) are energy leaches, not that they are bad people it’s just how it is.

Don’t care much about family and wife – I’m a family man and that comes first, so I was disappointed that he was treating he’s (smoking hot) wife so bad, wasn’t there for he’s children and didn’t care about family life in general. There is a big lesson to be learned here, don’t be like Ari when it comes to family and personal life. Put your kids and spouse first work comes second.

Greedy – yes he has dollar signs in he’s eyeballs, ambition is constructive, greed is destructive. He’s greed is eating him up. And destroying everything around him.

Treats people bad – Poor Ol Loyd (he’s assistant), he was also very mean to Eric (Vince’s manager) and Turtle and everyone around him. No need to be a mean person, not cool Mr.Gold, not cool.

Curses way too much – I’m struggling with this one myself, but he was cursing way too much on the show, but when you think about it that’s Hollywood for you right?

So what have we learn (from the bad sides) so far – There is a lot to be learned here, as you can see an intelligent person with a lot of ambition and talent can be dysfunctional if  he’s heart is filled with anger, greed and meanness. Why this reminds me of some of the famous people that we have on TV I don’t know, or maybe this is the type of person that we reword as a society? Anyway be good and if you are going to take something from this brilliant fictional character is that if you don’t have a balance between your personal (and inner self) and business life all your work is useless, you won’t function right.

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So there you have it, take the ideas and the qualities of this fictional character (he is based on a real life personal, sort of) and use them in your everyday life. But make sure you use only the good one’s. 🙂 And a great job to the creators of “Entourage” and to Jeremy Piven (who plays Ari Gold) for an amazing performance., no hard feelings Mr.Piven your awesome.


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