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What my 5 Year Obsession With Basketball Taught me About Life

From the 5th to the 10th grade, pretty much most of my life was evolving around the game of basketball, I was obsessed with it. I sign up to a basketball club and was going to practice 3-4 times a week (the last 2 years was 5 times a week) and was playing with my friends in our neighbourhood every day. My dream was to become a professional player one day.

Even though that never happen, those 5 years ware probably the best years of my life, I was so happy every time I was playing basketball. When I was not playing basketball I spend most of my free time watching, reading or playing video games about basketball.

Many years have passed by and the game of basketball doesn’t hold much sentimental value to me now like it used to when I was a kid, now when I look back at those 5 years I’m starting to realise that I have learned some pretty valuable lessons in those obsessed written basketball years.

Here are the main 4 things that I learned from those 5 years:

1. Be on time

Before I start I need to give you a bit of history, I have played basketball for total of 5 years (from the 5th grade to the 10th grade). I sign up to basketball practice one years after I started to play, at first I was with a trainer that was looking after beginners and younger players I was with him for 2 years (from the 6th to the 8th grade) then I was “promoted” to another trainer that was training the older guys who ware way more advance than the previous group. I was with him from the end of the 8th grade to the middle/end of 10th grade.

That information is important to keep in mind, because the 2nd coachwas way more strict and really tough on us. We trainer 5 times a week and the guys there ware much bigger, stronger and better than the previous group.

The 1st lesson that I learned (that all came from the 2nd couch) is – be on time!

Our practice with the advance group started at 20:00, our coach was supper strict and he wanted each of us to be ready for practice and to be inside the basketball court at 20:00:00 not even a second later.

One time one of our team mates just arrive at the arena and he was changing hes clothes in the stanceĀ  next to the court, our coach pull out he’s watch and said “if you step foot, inside the court after 20:00:00, you will be punished”

We ware all watching him as he was going crazy trying to put he’s jersey and shoes on, he run down the stairs, and stepped inside the court, he was 08 seconds late… as a punishment our coach made him run laps around the court at medium pace with no breaks for the entire length of the practice, the practice was 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Let me just say that for almost 2 years I’ve never been late for a practice with the 2nd couch because of seeing that.

That tough me that you need to be punctual and on time. People will see you differently and will feel that they can count on you when you show up on time.

2. It’s not about you

Both of my coaches always used to say to us: “It’s not about you, when you step foot in this arena, you become a gear, a part of a machine, a team. Our objective is to win, to win as a team. When you go outside this arena you are an individual, but when you are inside, you a component to something bigger than yourself.”

Hearing that way of thinking at an early age, really helped me to realise that the world doesn’t evolve around you.

3. Constantly communicate

Since I’m a staggering 5’5” tall, the only position available for me in the game of basketball is “Point Guard” also known as “Play maker”, that position is usually occupied by the shortest member on the team, you need to be fast, good defender, very good with passing the ball, you need to have “brains” and understanding for the game and most importantly you need to talk, and I mean a lot. fortunately for me I love to talk, I can talk the legs of a donkey.

My first coach was teaching me how to talk when the game is on, and he was advising me to do it more and more. But I remember that my second coach was really keen on me communicating on the field.

When I become a more prominent point guard in he’s team, he told me from the beginning.

“When we are on a brake or in time out, I’m the voice and the coach of this team, but when we are inside the court playing, you are the voice and the coach of the team. I want two thing from you when we are playing, never to stop moving and to never stop talking.”

So I didn’t shut up for a second, it drives the opponents crazy, because my talking was good, and I was calling out there plays out loud before they happened, that really put them off their game. Also I was a good “trash talker” especially when we ware on difference.

That thought me that communication is the absolute key to everything. In life, relationships, friendships, with family and in business. If you can’t communicate you are doomed.

4. practice, practice, practice

I was always the shortest and smallest from the team, but I was good player. Because I was very prolific. The way I approached the sport was very calculated and resourceful. I made sure that every time I played I will give 100% and help my team to win. I also knew that I need to practice a lot in order to improve as fast as possible. I also played with guys who ware much older and better than me, that really helped me to improve at a rapid pace.

You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Thank you for reading and make sure you fallow and bookmark my blog for the latest posts.


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